How to Dress Weather Appropriate During this Weird Fall Season: Summer to Fall Style Tips

Well, well, well look who decided to come all types of late. The fall weather has been awfully warm *cough GLOBAL WARMING cough* this year. So here is our guide to transition your wardrobe for cooler temperatures. 

Cardigans & Dusters Are Your Friends

Transition your favorite summer tee with a cozy cardigan or stylish duster. Not only will it keep you warm but it will give your wardrobe a classic appeal.



Warm Fall Colors

Even if it is warm you can still get into the fall spirit by adding traditional fall colors to your wardrobe such as burgundy, mustard, navy, green, etc. A great example is this super cute OOTD worn by Tracee Eliss Ross on Black-ish.

Play with Textures

A big trend during the fall is textured pieces. Croc embossed leather is a favorite of mine. It is classic, timeless, and pretty much can be worn anywhere. ISM Chick's burgundy croc embossed bag will give you the color and texture needed this season.

Garnet Croc-Leather Envelope Clutch Bag

 Simplistic Prints

Fall is all about subtlety, and prints are no exception. A trendy fall print this season is herringbone. It lends a chic touch to your wardrobe and can be worn in any setting. 

Switch Out Your Jewelry

Traded out those bright colored earrings for a  more chic, subtle jeweled tone piece. ISM Chick's Fall/Winter Collection is filled with stylish, trendy pieces that will slay your fall wardrobe.

ISM Chick Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

 The Classic Boot

My favorite this about fall are the shoes, mainly boots. My favorite being any with a chunky heel. Comfortability over everything!  





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